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Bursting into tears and other normal hormonal outbursts..

So today started off wonderfully, if that is even a word.  But it did!  J made me tiny crispy pancakes, the way I like them, and bacon!  It was so tasty and delicious.  Yesterday I made this country sausage gemelli and cheese creation that was quite delicious.  I think I will request tortillas and eggs for dinner, hmmm we'll see.  Yesterday found me rearranging the upstairs and trying to make a habitable area that J and I could use to hang out and be crafty, I think I was fairly successful.  As a matter of fact that is where I am right now, using out little kid table as my computer seat.  I think we are going to call the area the cafe, since it has two sitting chairs and two end tables and a eating table and a sewing table, it is quite nice really.  After breakfast I wandered down to the spring to fill up our gallon drinking water fillerupperizer.  On the way back up I stopped in to see J in his workshop and we started chatting about how we'd both like to get the dome more organized and clutter free.  I mentioned how "believe it or not, I like open clear spaces, as I did when I had my own apartment." and J commented to that (totally kidding though I didn't get that at the time) "Really? with all the stuff strewn all over?"  and of course being pregnant and hormonal I took him seriously and burst into tears... which seems to be the story of my life lately.  I told my girl bf today about it and she laughed and said the same thing happened to her when she spilled a glass of milk.  I laughed so hard when she told me this that I had tears in my eyes.. again a now normal occurence in my day to day life.  Man if I had only known.. nah it wouldn't change anything, but some warning would've been nice.  Well I'm gonna go off to crafty world or perhaps some lunch.. hmm .. see ya later                                                                               
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