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The Never Ending Panels

Tossing and turning all nite, I didn't get much sleep.  Seemed like my tummie didn't agree with the food I ate for dinner.  I woke up a bit groggy and unprepared for another long day of roof making.  I just wanted to stay snuggled up and warm under the blankets, instead of facing what seemed to be an endlessly cloudy day.  Falling out of bed and fumbling with the stove for a bit, I attempted to make pancakes to no avail.  Guess cold cereal will have to do huh?  Eventually, giving up the lost pancake crusade, I piled on the layers to risk the great cold cloudy day outside.  Here goes nothing right?  Well after being given a task by J, I began moving around, things started to warm up a bit.  But thats usually what happens when you get the blood flowing.  After an endless process of panel delivery to the third floor, J asked me to saw off some blocks of wood for him.  For some reason I just felt like such a zombie today, I sat there mechanically moving the saw back and forth until one by one I had a small pile of wood blocks, and I laid back down on the trampoline fencing.  Every now and then J would ask me to get him this or that, ultimately I would end up back on the floor with my brain turned off.  With 2 panels to go it was starting to lightly hail, at which point we decided to tarp off the opening and call it a day.  After a few strategically placed 2x4's and a few tightly pulled ropes, we had the whole covered as best we could and headed down to the apartment area.  Which is where I find myself now, contemplating my day, and wondering how it went by in such a hazy blur...mmm Matza Tacos for dinner.  Yummie!!
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