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Impromtu Craftiness and Farmer's Market Mayhem


Today was sooooo Fun!! IOh I got pancakes!! Mmmmm, and I really like them crispy! J makes them crispy on the edge like I like 'em. I got lots of shopping for J done, he needed some things from the hardware store and fish boxes! Didn't get a ton of them, but Grumpasaurus at the grocery store was super nice to me today, she even laughed AND smiled. Also it turns out that SM used to work at the same store and is actually FRIENDS with grumpasaurus!! So when I told the grump that SM said to tell her hi, grump was like "Oh! Do you work with her?" and I just smiled and said "No, actually, we are REALLY good friends." well the look on her face...was priceless, made my day too! So now I'm betting she'll be really sweet and friendly with me now. Then I headed over to SM's house and unloaded the fish boxes into the garage so my car wouldn't stink for the ride over to JM's house, since that's where we were doing impromptu craft day. Then waited for SM to get home from her morning shift. She got right in and off we headed to finish some JoAnn Fabric's yarn shopping and some quick grocery shopping for me, then over to JM's house. Man it was nice hanging out with the girls today, I didn't get much accomplished with my project, but I got a video finished and should be able to have at least one of them up today! Sorry for the delay, but the sun hasn't been out and well... electricity is limited when that happens. So after some craftyness SM and I headed over to pick up her daughter DM from the house so we could go over to the farmer's market in SoRo, by my house, SM drove her car and followed me. On the way made a pit stop at our local farmers self serve farm stand called Hurricane Flats, for some Honey, pumpkin and red kernel poppin' corn for SM!! Honey was for me :) Then off to Farmer's market, I got some green peppers, roma tomatoes, spinach and yellow squash, all for $4!!! I love farmer's market! J came down to shop with me and we headed up to the dome from there. Oh on the way up we ran into Geo, he's the farmer who owns Hurricane Flats, anyway he had his daughter with him they had been hiking at Kent's Ledge and were on their way back to town, we stopped and chatted with them for a bit, invited them to come visit anytime and parted ways with an invitation to the "Barn Dance" at his place the last Saturday in October!! They are having a potluck before and we have been invited to that too! I'm pretty psyched! J says he's making tortilla's and bringing them, I'm probably gonna make beans and rice or something like that. Well we made it home and J showed me what he'd been working on all day, A NEW STOVE, for the banana building. It is really cool! It's HUGE! I think its gonna work really well. Oh and its made out of stainless steel, which I think is pretty neat too! Now we are getting dinner ready and I'm gonna crochet a bit after, J is making tortilla wraps and I made all the stuff to go in them! Mmmmmmm...
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