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I'm a Mean Girl! ...And Crochet Helmets


The morning started out yucky, because J is still wary of me, since I was mean to him yesterday.  he sent me a 3 page long email about how I need to be aware of how my behavior affects other people, and he is totally right.  I shouldn't have over reacted to him, it wasn't his fault and if I had taken the few minutes to look at the problem and figure out the solution instead of pointing the finger, we wouldn't be in this negative mess that we are in now, hopefully he will forgive me and I really have to make a concious effort to not react like that. He made some suggestions in his message this morning, oh that's how we like to communicate about important things, we have an ongoing email discussion about it, that way we can read what the other is saying and they can speak their mind without worrying about being interrupted or being sidetracked. We started doing this like a few weeks ago and it has worked out really well. I also finished my bag this morning and am working on a surprise "I'm sorry" hat for J, I am going to try and finish it by 5 so he can have it when he comes up from working on the Banana Building. Well back to crocheting for me and I'm gonna upload my journal from yesterday...oops.  I finished the hat for J, and he loves it, So I had to take a picture.

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