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Okay I did another cheese demo today, was a very slow day at the store! But that's probably because its a Monday, so you know! Then I got home and on the walk up decided that SM should come over early for craft nite so she could have dinner with J and I before we headed to the library. She brought her daughter DM and homemade vegan potato leek soup! J and I made tortilla fixin's and toast. We all had very tasty yummyness! We headed down from the dome to go to the Library for craft nite at 630p and made it there by 7, so right on time. There were a few more ladies there tonite and they were all hooking and chatting away, it was really fun! I'm not sure if DM had fun, but I think SM did, I hope. It can be a bit overwhelming with all the ladies chattering and not really knowing anyone, so maybe next month will be better. I hope she comes again! Today wasn't a really eventful day, but thats okay! Tomorrow I'm going to just lay around and crochet, J is probably going to work on the banana building. I'm pretty wiped out, so I think its time for bed...
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