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Bananarama Crochetarama & Internet


Today wasn't very interesting. Somehow I magically got sucked into the internet world. Oh so we put this ad online looking for new girl friends in the area and got a response from a real person finally. She seems nice. She sent us a few pix and she looks normal. I think she'd be a nice friend to have. She seems a little dominant, and I'm not sure that will work with our two dominant personalities (J & I) I think we are looking for more laid back and quiet type friends. But I could be totally wrong with this girl, so we will see. I chatted with her online for a bit today and got to know a bit about her. Like I said she seems nice, but we'll have to wait and see if she is who she says she is. Plus I've found that most internet friends are unreliable and over exagerate the truth. As you can see I was busy making videos today also, I should have two up today, one my journal and the other another Q & A, though I will probably wait to load them up till tomorrow, since I would like a few more questions and I am sure I will have more then. Oh and I am almost finished with my crocheted grocery bag, I should have a photo up of it finished tomorrow. Last thing, I got into a fight with J today, well actually not a fight, I jumped down his throat about my computer being messed up and I blamed it on him, that was totally not cool. He's probably really hurt now and just went to bed, so I'm sure we'll have to talk about this tomorrow, because I can feel his disapointment energy oozing off the bed. And now I'm in tears....man I suck sometimes!
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